Creating & Managing PayPal Billing Agreements

By creating a PayPal Billing Agreement, we'll be able to automatically charge your PayPal account for any recurring or one-time invoices, simplifying the hassle of making manual payments each billing cycle. In addition to automation, PayPal Billing Agreements offer many benefits over manual PayPal payments or PayPal subscriptions:

  • If you have multiple services with us, you would only need to sign up for a single PayPal Billing Agreement. All due invoices will be billed through this single Billing Agreement.
  • We'll automatically cease to charge your PayPal account if a service is cancelled, eliminating the hassle of accidental payments.
  • If account credit was applied to an invoice for a recurring service, we'll only charge you the outstanding balance on that invoice (as opposed to PayPal sending the service's full monthly price when using a PayPal subscription).
  • If you decide to upgrade or downgrade your service, the recurring charge will automatically update without needing to cancel or re-create a PayPal subscription.
  • Instead of going through the entire PayPal checkout process, you'll be able to make manual payments on invoices with a single click.

To create or manage your PayPal Billing Agreement, please click here. If you have any existing subscriptions with us, please be sure to cancel them after creating a PayPal Billing Agreement.

If you don't want us to automatically charge your PayPal account for outstanding invoices, please open a support ticket with our Billing department and we'll disable this feature for your account.

We'll attempt to automatically charge your PayPal account at 11:00 PM eastern time starting three days before an invoice's due date. If your invoice is scheduled for an automatic payment, you'll see the text "We'll attempt to automatically charge your PayPal account on ... at 11:00 PM ET" on your invoice.

If you're planning to cancel a service, it's critical that you submit a cancellation request for that service at least five days before the service's renewal date to prevent our system from automatically billing your PayPal account. Please click this link for more information regarding how to submit a cancellation request.

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